Accounts Executive

Accounts Executive

1. Trains and orients the newly acquired and existing accredited providers.
2. Manages the accredited providers by implementing the agreed contracts between the providerand the company.

1.Prepares weekly report on the status of each handled account
2.Strategize on how to manage and train the assigned accounts
3.Proactively addresses and solves service issues within claims, accounts receivable, legal, managed care etc.
4. Set up meetings between client decision makers and company s practice leaders
5. Presents new services and enhance existing relationships
6. Submits progress reports and ensures data is accurate
7. Continually updates and utilizes relevant knowledge
8. Coordinates APE transactions with the providers
9. Accounts management
10. Performs provider accreditation and orientation of AMAPHIL process.

1. Graduate of any 4-years business related course.
2. With account management experience preferably in the Healthcare or Insurance Industry
3. With at least 1+ years account management experience preferably in the Healthcare or Insurance industry
4. Has an ability to work independently and can contact with a large number of prospects on a daily basis to generate leads
5. Confident in dealing with middle and top management
6. With above average and written communication and interpersonal relations
7. Must possess high level of professionalism, integrity, and has pleasing personality
8. People oriented, willing to travel and learn new ideas
9. Can work under pressure and meet deadlines with minimum supervision

Job Rate: 15000-18000
Job Category: Accounts Executive
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: 820 J.P Rizal Street Aralco Building Brgy. Poblacion Makati Unit 501

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